Honey Bee Hives & Honey Characteristics

Honey Bee Hives & Honey Characteristics

How do honey bees build their hives ?

Their hives are built with nectar and pollen from various plants and trees.

Just like a normal building for humans, different materials are needed to build a complete honey house (hive). Most times the appropriate materials (pollen & nectar) can be found near its hives, but when important parts are needed, the honey bee will be quite drastic in its actions.

The honey bee will by-pass the nearest trees and travel up to 5 kilometers in diameter of its hive to harvest the different types of pollen needed for different parts of its home. In addition, they will also do this to satisfy their need for DIFFERENT types of pollen-nectar to live on at DIFFERENT times of their growth and for their seasonal consumption needs.

Therefore, putting a hive in the middle of a 10 kilometer plantation of a certain plant to force it to use just the one plant, will curtail its normal growth, hive formation, and kill a percentage of those bees off.


Yes, this exposes those who claim a honey is from a particular plant !  It’s impossible to say this.

One can only indicate an area where the hive/honey comes from, plus indicating the abundance of some particular beneficial types of plants and flowers. The honey bee is a free agent,

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